The Hidden Scars

“He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3 King James Version

There are two kinds of scars, the visible scars and the hidden scars. When someone gets hurt physically, we can sometimes see the scars but when someone gets hurt emotionally only Jesus can see the scars. Jesus is the only one who can heal us when we have been hurt emotionally.

There is no medicine that a doctor can prescribe that will help a broken heart. There is no operation that will heal a broken heart. All the counseling and all the therapy in the world will not heal a heart that has emotional hidden scars. It takes our precious, loving and understanding Saviour pouring His compassionate, tender and unconditional love on the hidden scars in our hearts to give us a reason to go on.

People who have been raped have hidden scars in their hearts that they don’t want to share with people. Sometimes people have had to give up a child for adoption due to circumstances beyond their control and their scars are very deep. Their pain and their grief are overwhelming to the point that sometimes they are unable to even do normal everyday things. Only Jesus can fully comprehend the heartaches that they have.

There are people who are the victims of spousal abuse and they too have hidden scars in their hearts. There are people who are being abused by their children and they don’t want to tell anyone so they put on a mask and smile so others won’t know. Yes, Jesus is the only one who can take the pain, grief and horror from the hearts of these people.

However, you and I need to encourage them, comfort them and be there for these people and for anyone else who is broken hearted and hurting. You may feel inadequate to help these people. You may not know what to say. The best thing to do when you don’t know what to say is to put your arms around these people who are hurting and tell them that Jesus understands and cares. Many times words are inadequate anyway.

What we say to someone who is hurting is sometimes meaningless to the person. However, our kind and loving actions to the person will never be forgotten. The person may not be able to express his or her appreciation while going through the crisis but later when the sharp pain has let up a little, the person will remember and be grateful for what we did to express our concern, compassion and understanding.

I have a friend who I have known for over twenty years. Her son worked from midnight until eight in the morning. He was found dead outside his place of employment. He had been struck by lightning and had been electrocuted. My friend’s grief was almost unbearable to see. I didn’t know what to say to her so I just hugged her and didn’t say anything.

I wrote her a long letter telling her how I was grieving with her and how her son had made such a valuable contribution to the community. She told me that she was unable to read that letter until four years after her son died. She also said that it had comforted her just to know that I had cared enough to write the letter.

If you have hidden scars in your heart, know this, our precious Saviour does see them and He does care that you are hurting. He longs to comfort you as only He can. Tell Him that you are hurting and that you don’t think you can give another smile or go another mile. He will be faithful to tenderly kiss away the pain, the horror and the grief from your heart.

I believe that when Jesus was here on earth that He too had hidden scars in His heart that only His Father could see. He had been abused emotionally and rejected so many times by so many people that His heart must have been broken time and time again. Yes, we can comfort and encourage people and we need to do this but only Jesus can take the horror and pain of being raped or having to place a child for adoption from our hearts. Only He can kiss away the hurt and pain from our hearts. He not only gives us a new heart when we are saved; He also restores hope and joy to us. Thank God for our precious Saviour who truly loves us and cares about us.

Copyright 2008 by Joanne Lowe, all rights reserved.

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