“Fall on your knees” with Camel Fleas

“Fall on your knees”
With camel fleas
Sniff odoriferous breeze
Of nearby cattle

Kneel upon the hay
A donkey brays
Murky morning haze
Soon does settle,

The blood and sweat of birth
Spilled upon the earth
Underscores the dearth
Of dainties in this setting

A baby’s hungry cries
And mother’s soft replies
Distract the sighs
From father’s fears besetting.

Foretold was this place
This point in time and space
Great expectations soar
And salutations pour

But father senses Father
And now his fears increase
In meekness does he murmur
Words of feeling least.

From this humble entrance
We’re told that Life evolved
A Seed that sold for pittance was buried in a vault
But scripture also tells us
The Seed was ne’er destroyed
And even now encircles earth seeking fertile soil

So all my dusty dealings
Can prove a gravid morn
Though blood drenched, destitute, smelling,
With woeful deeds untelling
My soul can be the dwelling
In which this Child, again, is born.

— Roadrunner
Copyright 2007, all rights reserved

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