Just Love Him

“For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.” 1 John 5:3 KJV

I have received several emails in the last two months from people who have told me that it is too hard for them to keep God’s commandments. I used to think that it was too hard to keep them also until one day God spoke to my heart and said “All I want you to do is love Me”. The more I fall in love with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, the easier it is to keep His commandments. When you love somebody then you will want to make him or her happy and will do everything you can to please the person.

Jesus has commanded us to love one another. This is not an option; it is a commandment from our Saviour. If we will just love one another as He has told us to do, we won’t have any problems keeping His commandments. It should not be a heavy burden to us to love people. We should be excited and happy to do this for Him. We should be thankful that Jesus trusts us enough to spread His unconditional love to a hurting world. Sometimes we fail to love others as He has commanded us to love one another and we are being disobedient to Him.

Many times we ask Him to do something for us and not only are we not loving others; we have allowed unforgiveness, criticism, jealousy and sarcasm to creep into our hearts. How dare you and I ask our Heavenly Father for anything when our hearts are not right before Him? Our Heavenly Father is a Holy God and we need to go to Him with a humble and contrite heart. We should ask Him to forgive us for disobeying and failing Him before we ever ask Him for anything.

The most important thing for us to realize is that we should never under any circumstances demand something from God. He is not a name it and claim it God! He is also not a puppet for us to pull His strings and make Him perform for us. There are times when we put Him on the shelf and only take Him down when we want something. We are a very arrogant people at times. How this must hurt Him!

When our children disobey us and they come to us wanting permission to do something or go somewhere, we don’t allow them to go places and do things that they want to do. We take away their privileges. Yet, we expect a Holy God to overlook our disobedience. I wonder how we would feel if God would take something from us when we disobey Him? I think we would be very upset if He were to take our cars away for a week as a punishment for disobeying Him. I’m so glad that He is a loving and merciful Heavenly Father.

Do you love Jesus? If so, how much do you love Him? If you do love Him, then you will count it a joy to serve Him. If you are having problems keeping His commandments, you need to do a heart checkup and be certain that you are in right standing with Him. Ask Jesus to sweep His broom of forgiveness in every corner of your heart.

I urge you to fall in love with Jesus. I speak from experience. It is a joy and a privilege to serve Him. I have never been happier in my life than I am right this minute. If you want to have a peace, a joy and a happiness that you have never known, give your heart and life to Jesus and love Him.

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