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AffecTech to provide wearable tech for those with mental health issues

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 02:43

If you're dealing with mental health issues, you're not alone. There will soon be more wearable technology aimed at helping you manage your mental health, thanks to AffecTech.

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Farmer shares depression story

Sun, 09/17/2017 - 22:12

Recently awarded a MNZM Queen's Birthday honour in recognition of his services to agriculture and mental health, charismatic Marlborough farmer Doug Avery shared his powerful story in Central Hawke's Bay recently. More than 380 people heard how Doug weathered years of drought and desperation and overcame heart-breaking adversity to live a fruitful life and help others.

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New research found antidepressants may increase risk of early death

Sun, 09/17/2017 - 22:12

Psychiatrists 50 years from today may look back and ask, did the drugs they used to treat brains harm the body? But the study's lead author suspects the ubiquitous pills take more lives than they save, and that one way they might take lives is through their effect on platelets, tiny cells in the bloodstream that form clots to stop bleeding. Platelets need the brain chemical serotonin to function properly.

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New grant to support mental health services for Baton Rouge region flood survivors

Sun, 09/17/2017 - 19:46

An estimated 40 percent of children and adults who survive disasters such as flooding experience symptoms of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, according to an organization called Resilient Baton Rouge. But as recovery continues from the 2016 south Louisiana floods that left some survivors with lasting mental health impacts, a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will enable Baton Rouge area health care providers to boost services for impacted residents over the next year.

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Amy Brown: Are baby advice books making mothers depressed and anxious?

Sun, 09/17/2017 - 15:10

The elephant in the room with many of these books is that actually, despite their popularity, they are not based on evidence. Photo / 123RF Becoming a new parent certainly ranks up there in the exhaustion and anxiety stakes.

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"Be the Light" walk hopes to break stigma of suicide and depression

Sun, 09/17/2017 - 12:49

Organizers say they want to address the reality of suicide and show that suicide and depression are public health problems which can be prevented through education. "If we can do something together to provide some hope and healing to reduce the stigma that's associated with suicide, it's going to bring this community together.

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Cases Show Complexity of Personalized Treatment in Major Depression

Sun, 09/17/2017 - 12:49

Changes under the DSM-5 mean that certain "mixed features" create a gray area of characteristics that could signal major depression or bipolar disorder, even if a patient has not exhibited hypomania. Each year at the US Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress, Michael E. Thase, MD, offers a must-attend update on treating major depressive disorder.

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Chester Bennington shown in video just hours before death

Sun, 09/17/2017 - 10:29

'This is what depression looked like to us': Chester Bennington's wife shares video of singer having fun with his family just hours before his death The wife of the late Linkin Park frontman shared footage of him laughing just 36 hours before he took his own life on July 20 She said it showed what depression looked like to them and that it did not have a particular face or mood The wife of late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington has shared footage of him laughing and having fun with his family just hours before his death. Talinda Bennington posted the 40 second video on Twitter on Saturday saying depression does not have a particular face or a mood.

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Depression Dominates Legal Industry, Starting at Law School

Sun, 09/17/2017 - 03:48

Summary : Depression and suicide emerge in law students at a higher rate than any other field but the causes and ways of preventing it are not that simple to fix. Is a law school a breeding ground for depression? The Dave Nee Foundation reports that an average amount of students enter law school with depression, around 8-9 percent, but upon graduation, around 40 percent of law students will have depression.

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Equality ruining marriages?

Sat, 09/16/2017 - 23:27

New research at the University of Illinois examined data on nearly 1,500 men and 1,800 women between the ages of 52 and 60 and found that couples who resist traditional gender roles, or who shoot for a so-called equal marriage, are less happy than those who swim with the tide. Researchers Karen Kramer and Sunjin Pak found that when women's paychecks increased, they reported more symptoms of depression.

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Greg Escalante, champion of Lowbrow artists, dies

Sat, 09/16/2017 - 19:04

In his 30s and several years out of college, where he had studied art and been bored by much of it, Greg Escalante saw a skateboarding magazine and was so bowled over by the artwork on the cover that he spent the rest of his life championing the genre it represented - what came to be known as Lowbrow art. As a gallery owner, curator, collector, writer and all-around cheerleader, Mr. Escalante furthered the work of countless artists in that brash, eye-popping genre, notably through Juxtapoz, the art magazine he helped bring into being.

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'I was on the verge of taking my own life' - Chef on the impact the career can have on mental health

Sat, 09/16/2017 - 14:45

A chef has spoken about the impact the difficult career can have on mental health and said he considered taking his own life at his lowest point. A chef has spoken about the impact the difficult career can have on mental health and said he considered taking his own life at his lowest point.

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How a failed suicide affects the brain

Sat, 09/16/2017 - 10:22

The What Everyone Needs to Know series offers a balanced and authoritative primer on complex current event issues and countries. Written by leading authorities in their given fields, in a concise question-and-answer format, the books provide inquiring minds with the essential knowledge needed to engage with the issues that matter today.

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New Mexico suicide rate drops

Sat, 09/16/2017 - 05:52

That's according to the New Mexico Department of Health, which reports a 6 percent drop in the number of suicides in 2016 when compared to 2015. The department says that's reversing a rising trend of suicides in the last three years.

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New Milford survey responses to help youth

Sat, 09/16/2017 - 01:26

About 22 percent of local high school seniors admitted they had felt depressed within the last month in a survey administered last year by the New Milford Substance Abuse Prevention Council. The questions are part of a national survey created by the Search Institute, which eighth, 10th and 12th graders in New Milford were asked to fill out last fall.

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Farmers' stories show men suffering depression they're not alone

Fri, 09/15/2017 - 20:54

Four CBH directors and one senior staff member have spoken from the heart about how depression has affected themselves, their families or their communities, in a video campaign aimed at raising awareness of mental health in regional areas. The CBH campaign, in partnership with the Black Dog Institute and Lifeline WA, had a cumulative audience of more than 400,000 within a week.

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Evanescence details upcoming album, "Synthesis"; listen to new song, "Imperfection," now

Fri, 09/15/2017 - 18:42

Evanescence has unveiled all the details of their forthcoming album, Synthesis , which re-imagines songs from the band's discography with electronics and a full orchestra. The album, which also features two brand-new songs, will be released November 10. One of the new songs is a track called "Imperfection," which finds Amy Lee and company exploring their electro-pop side.

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45 percent of parents experience depression, anxiety and stress when newborns leave NICU

Fri, 09/15/2017 - 14:06

Almost half of parents whose children were admitted to Children's National Health System's neonatal intensive care unit experienced postpartum depressive symptoms, anxiety and stress when their newborns were discharged from the hospital. Credit: Children's National Health System Almost half of parents whose children were admitted to Children's National Health System's neonatal intensive care unit experienced postpartum depressive symptoms, anxiety and stress when their newborns were discharged from the hospital.

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In 'The Pictures,' The Story Slips Out Of Focus

Fri, 09/15/2017 - 09:16

American authors Martha Grimes and Elizabeth George have made careers penning mysteries set across the pond; now English writer Guy Bolton is attempting to build a career of his own with a series set in Hollywood's golden age. The Pictures , his first novel featuring LAPD detective Jonathan Craine, takes place in 1939 - just as MGM is getting ready to release The Wonderful Wizard of Oz .

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Selena Gomez's best fr...

Fri, 09/15/2017 - 04:36

Selena Gomez arrives at WE Day California at the Forum on Thursday, April 27, 2017, in Inglewood, Calif. Selena Gomez's life has been saved, and it's all because of her best friend.

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