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  • Unholy Spirits: Occultism and New Age Humanism
      Everywhere you turn these days, talk of crystals, channeling, astral projection, mediums, psychic phenomena, pyramid power, and reincarnation abounds. The New Age rage is upon us.

      Should this give us cause for alarm? Are New Age enthusiast a serious threat to Western civilization and orthodox Christianity? Or are they little more than "kooks laughingly to be dismissed? Is all the attention they've garnered in recent months simply a passing fad?

      According to this in-depth analysis by renowned historian and author Dr. Gary North, the New Age movement is indeed a serious threat and its adherents are no laughing matter.

      By tracing the historical and theological roots of modern occultic practices, Dr. North paints a frightening portrait of just exactly what we are up against. It's not a pretty sight.

      Fortunately though, Unholy Spirits is not simply another "doom and gloom" forecast. He offers parents, teachers, pastors, and other committed Christians practical steps of action to nullify and ultimately eliminate the effects of the New Age infiltration into our homes, our schools, our communities, and our nation.

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Divorce and Relationships

  • Second Chance: Biblical Principles of Divorce and Remarriage
      One out of every two marriages in the United States now ends in divorce. Almost half of the children born today will be living in a broken home before they reach the age of eighteen. Forty million Americans have been married more than once, and the number keep increasing. This trend has now touched every sector of our society - including the Church.

      Most pastors and theologians have been caught off guard. And as a result, they have resorted to extremism - liberal permissiveness on the one hand, austere legalism on the other. They have been unable to genuinely help those caught in the traumas of divorce and remarriage. They don't have answers.
      But the Bible does.

      In this volume of the groundbreaking Biblical Blueprints Series, Rev. Ray Sutton outlines those answers specifically. He avoids the extremes by providing clear, balanced instruction from Scripture.

      The Bible tells us what to do - when, where, how, and why. It provides us with a "blueprint" for faithfulness in the midst of divorce and remarriage. Second Chance lays out that "blueprint" simply, practically, an understandably. It offers hope and help for the hurting.

Building Faith

  • Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt Manipulators
  • Faith with Reason: Why Christianity is True
      This is a book about worldviews. Everybody has
      one, but most individuals never really pay much attention to
      their own personal philosophy of life. This is a tragedy
      because there is no state of awareness so fundamental to
      living life. Since there are many worldviews out there this
      book was written to help individuals understand why biblical
      Christianity is so important, not only in our understanding of
      God, but ourselves and the world around us as well
  • Greatness of the Great Commission: The Christian Enterprise in a Fallen World
      The war between God's kingdom (civilization) on earth and Satan's kingdom (civilization) on earth is total, encompassing every aspect of life. The Great Commission calls the Church (in this "Church Age") to make a full-scale attack on modern humanist civilization, but always in terms of a positive message and practical program: a better way of life in every area of life. This is the greatness of the Great Commission. It must not be narrowed to exclude culture from God's special grace.
  • 4 Spiritual Laws
  • Spirit Filled Life
  • Would You Like to Know God Personally?
  • Liberating Planet Earth: An Introduction to Biblical Blueprints
      Does the Bible have answers for the complex challenges of Marxism, Communism, Liberation Theology, and New Age Humanism? Yes! This is perfect for the skeptical agnostic, the Christian influenced by existentialism, or the new Christian as well.

Eating disorders

  • Conquering Eating Disorders: A 12 Step Process
  • The Remuda Review - a quarterly Christian newsletter for eating disorders.
      This quarterly journal offers a Biblically-based and scientifically-valid approach to the integration of Christianity and patient care in the treatment of eating disorders. The goal is to present practical information for those who provide eating disorder treatment from a Christian perspective or who work with Christian patients. Subscriptions to the Remuda Review are complimentary. You can subscribe in order to receive regular issues of the Remuda Review.

Health & Healing

  • The Quest for the Best Within
      Are you suffering from an illness or sickness and getting better is a desirable goal whose achievement seems unobtainable? Then this self-help book on spiritual healing may be the answer to all your questions and the beginning of a new life of health and wellness.

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Bibles & Bible Software

  • Books of the Bible
      Learn the books of the Bible. The program will take you through the books of the Bible in order or at random, depending on what you choose. (Windows)
  • In Him Scriptures (For Palm OS v.5)
      Over 100 scriptures (with word definitions) describing who you are and what you have through your relationship with Christ. Zip file includes PalmReader and iSilo versions.
  • Bible Inverse Scripture Memorization
      Contains over 14,390 verses preloaded in 2,233 of the best known Scripture passages from ten different Bible translations. As your proficiency on a passage improves from Just Started to Good and then Mastered, you can categorize it for Less Frequent or Least Frequent recitation. Veterans at memorization benefit by being able to organize scores of passages between Learning, Learned, and Archive.
  • The Sword Project Bible
      NEW version of Free Bible Software, Reference Works, Daily Devotionals, Lexicons etc. for Windows, Linux, Mac, PDAs. Do NOT miss out on this!
      All Bibles & reference works are hyperlinked and synchronized.
  • World English Bible
      New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs, Glossary, and Map. Easy to read modern language version. You need the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this and you also need to unzip it.

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