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Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery: Twelve Steps to What!

Folks who study the Big Book, take the Twelve Steps, and carefully consider the Alcoholics Anonymous program of recovery as it is laid out in the book "Alcoholics Anonymous" should really have no problem defining the recovery program, its specified course of action, and the intended objective of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

So we will begin by looking at what the Founders and the Big Book have said about the Twelve Step program of recovery and the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Bill Wilson put these important comments in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, and here is how they are still expressed today:

Behavior or Disease?

When is an addiction or dysfunctional behavior a "disease?"

The Scriptures on Abortion

What do the Scriptures have to say about abortion?

Am I a Murderer?

An obstetrician discusses abortion.

In Defense of Legislated Morality

One of the more absurd myths of our age is that "you can't legislate morality." Nothing could be further from the truth. All law is a legislated morality.


Ask anyone in my family and they’ll tell you that I don’t watch a lot of television on my own, and I do so reluctantly when other family members have “the box” on. I have personally ruined many a show for my children (and husband) over the years, as I was quick to point out the unbiblical worldview being presented or an obvious violation of one or more aspects of God’s holy law-word. That said, there is an adage I have repeatedly heard that goes something like this: Everything is good for something, even if it is just to serve as a bad example.

The "Right" to Abortion

In recent years, in one country after another, state courts have granted to individuals so desiring it the “right” to practice abortion medically or to abort one’s own child. The rhetoric of pro-abortion forces has strongly emphasized the aspect of personal choice and personal liberty. This note has greatly appealed to libertarians also, who have therefore readily echoed the pro-abortion language of “liberals” and leftists. Some conservatives too have been agreeable to abortion on the same premise, that personal choice is the higher good, whatever else may be in consideration.

The Morality of Homosexuality: When Religious Leaders Lose Their Credibility: Part 3

Pastor Oliver “Buzz” Thomas’s article seeking moral justification for homosexuality based on science and the Bible appeared in USA Today (November 20, 2006) under the title “When religion loses its credibility.” He argued that science, like the science that Galileo proposed to support his theory of a restructured cosmos, is overwhelmingly in favor of the claim that homosexuality is genetically determined. Even if we suppose that it is, this does not mean homosexual behavior is morally equivalent to heterosexuality. First, heterosexuality results in the creation of offspring; homosexuality does not. On scientific grounds, a substantial case could be made that homosexuality is abnormal and not beneficial to the species.

The Morality of Homosexuality: Opening the Door in the Name of Tolerance: Part 2

In yesterday’s article, I pointed out that the history of Harvard’s slide into theological liberalism and moral libertinism was gradual but methodological. Those holding the minority and opposing worldview were willing to bide their time as conservatives set the stage for their own self-destruction. Conservatives believed that “playing nice” and inviting the opposition to the party in terms of “dialog” and “civil discourse” would lead to acceptance and good will. Don’t believe it; don’t ever believe it!

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