Medallion Order

Order chips and medallions for your friends, church or recovery group. They will appreciate your thoughtful gift. Click the links below to choose which you desire to order.

White Plastic Chips Pack of 10 - $8
"The serenity to accept... the courage to change... the wisdom to know."
Gold-tone Medallion $14.95 each.
Recovery Prayer on back.
Blue Plastic Chips Pack of 10 - $8
"One Day at a Time through the power of Jesus Christ."
Key Ring $6.95 each
CIR Membership Decal $1.99 each

Shipments overseas must be post paid.

There truly is no joy like being involved in 12 Step work. If you have never 12 Stepped anyone, NOW is the time to learn about the blessings of seeing another person start on the path to recovery.

Each One Reach One!

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