Coping as a Woman in Today's Society

Come to terms with the complexities of a world that is giving mixed signals about what a woman should be.

Coping as a Man in Today's Society

Learn what the Bible says about a man's role in the family and society today.

God's Design for Sexuality

Did you know that God designed us for sexuality?

Building a Strong Marriage

Strong marriages need to be built from the ground up. Learn Biblical principles to have a firm foundation.

God's Plan for Us: A Family of Love

Often, those of us who struggle with issues relating to your behavior, fail to realize that recovery is a process, not a goal that once reached we think that we do not have to put out an effort. Paul writes in 2 Timothy 4:7-8, that he has ran a good race, and finished the course, and have kept the faith. What a wonderful statement. Paul was describing the process of life.

In Sickness and in Health

When does a person think about health? For me, this question surfaced when I was sick, when I was far from healthy. For years I thought I was a healthy person. My doctors had declared how healthy and strong I was for my age. Then, very much to my surprise, I discovered that I had cancer. Health flew from my mind and disease and debilitation and death took health's place. The plain and simple fact that a biopsy had found a significant cancer in my body immediately effected my identity. My sense of self was instantaneously altered . I became, from that hour of discovery, different. I was no longer healthy. Who was I? I was no longer even myself, but a cancer victim, and might soon become a cancer survivor. Whatever the outcome of this dread discovery, I thought I would never be the same.

Husbands, love your wives – build hedges

Shortly after I married his daughter, my father-in-law gave me one of the most treasured gifts I have ever received -- a book titled Hedges: Loving Your Marriage Enough to Protect It.

From the precepts found in the book, I learned how building “hedges” is important to a marriage. Just as in Scripture, hedges are a protection and direction against infidelity, a leading cause of marriage failure in America.

Revenge is for God, Not Us

Proverbs 20:22 NRSV
Do not say, "I will repay evil";
wait for the Lord, and He will help you.

Have you ever been misunderstood? Of course. We all have. We have done something or said something and our intentions just didn't communicate well. Beyond that, have you ever made a mistake, one that ended up costing or hurting someone else? Again, of course! We all have made those mistakes, the actions or choices we regret and wish that we could have changed.

Divorce Proof Marriage

Divorce-proof Marriage?

No marriage can be made absolutely divorce-proof. No marriage is without difficulties and crises. Yet, a strong and intimate relationship can be built through what I choose to call crisis survival. Pain and suffering can provide creative growth. Romance and moments of ecstasy are wonderful, yet the stressful experience can also provide a setting for blessing. There is truth in the cliché, "No pain, and no gain." Some of us flee from discomfort and never discover the benefits of "seeing it through" and forging even closer bonds in the shared traumas and trials.

The following seven building blocks are designed to nurture divorce- resistant partnerships:

1. Build each other up.

6 Steps to Couple Communication

  • Turn On and Tune In.

  • Imagine that your communication is like a two-way radio, like a C.B. The first thing anyone must do is turn on the set and tune in the channel. All good communication is intentional. Being ready to send and receive is essential. Know that you are seeking information and wish to exchange some as well.

  • Transmit.

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