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Bioness StimRouter Neuromodulation System Receives Aetna Coverage

Chronic Pain - Mon, 03/27/2017 - 14:01

With this coverage decision, Aetna considers the StimRouter medically necessary durable medical equipment for members with intractable neurogenic pain, also known as chronic pain of a peripheral nerve origin which the StimRouter is FDA cleared to treat. Identified by patients as a severe and constant pain, intractable neurogenic pain is not relieved by traditional medical measures and largely treated with opioids.

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The Bite of the Bear Dog

Pain - Scientific American - Sat, 03/25/2017 - 10:00
A new study estimates the predatory capabilities of a fearsome fossil beast

--
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Halton rates lower than provincial average in opioid deaths

Chronic Pain - Fri, 03/24/2017 - 18:16

Between 2010 and 2015, Halton had an average of 13 deaths a year, involving opioid toxicity, according to a report to the Region's Health and Social Services Committee. The report, Opioid use in Halton and the Role of the Halton Region Health Department, was presented to the Health and Social Services Committee for information Tuesday, March 21. Opioids are a class of drugs that includes both illicit substances, such as heroin, and prescription opioids used typically to treat severe, acute and chronic pain, such as morphine, oxycodone and fentanyl.

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Starting Wednesday, chronic pain qualifies for medical marijuana in NY

Chronic Pain - Wed, 03/22/2017 - 01:57

The state Department of Health says more than 14,683 New Yorkers are benefitting from medical marijuana treatment. It's estimated, after Wednesday, that number could increase by thousands more and may include people, like Sue Alati, as the state allows people who suffer from chronic pain to get prescriptions.

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Nektar Therapeutics Touts Phase III Pain Data, Seeks Buyers for Drug

Chronic Pain - Mon, 03/20/2017 - 09:52

NKTR-181 is a new chemical entity that is the first full mu-opioid agonist molecule designed to provide potent pain relief without the high levels of euphoria that can lead to abuse and addiction with standard opioids.1 The has granted the investigational medicine NKTR-181 Fast Track designation for the treatment of moderate to severe chronic pain. "The data from this efficacy study are extremely important because they demonstrate that NKTR-181 produces strong analgesia in patients suffering from chronic pain while NKTR-181 has also demonstrated significantly lower abuse potential than oxycodone in a human abuse potential study," said clinical investigator .

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People's Pharmacy: Splitting pills may be more dangerous than you think - Mon, 20 Mar 2017 PST

Chronic Pain - Mon, 03/20/2017 - 05:34

Q: I am a retired emergency-room physician. I have fought a battle for 20 years to stop pill-splitting.

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Logan County senator confident medical marijuana bill can pass Senate

Chronic Pain - Mon, 03/20/2017 - 01:13

Senator Richard Ojeda , the lead sponsor of a medical marijuana bill, says he's confident the bill will clear the Senate and return to the House of Delegates. "If it passes the Senate, then it will let people over there know that they have an opportunity to, once again, do something positive," Ojeda said on last week's MetroNews "Talkline."

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Spices that Help with Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain - Sun, 03/19/2017 - 12:47

Not only can herbs be wonderful for helping to treat chronic pain , but many spices do the same thing. These spices are effective and super easy to cook with, so there is no reason not to try them out.

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Upcoming CME Outfitters Symposium on Intrathecal Pain Management to...

Chronic Pain - Wed, 03/15/2017 - 17:49

CME Outfitters is proud to announce an upcoming live symposium entitled, A Framework for Successful Intrathecal Pain Management: New Insights from the 2017 Polyanalgesic Consensus Conference Guidelines, that will be held at an annual national pain meeting on Saturday, March 18th. This symposium, located in the Grand Caribbean Ballroom 6 at the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort in Orlando, Florida, will not only be available to attendees of the meeting; CME Outfitters will be broadcasting this activity via livestream, ensuring that clinicians from across the United States will be able to participate in the live event.

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U. scientists develop cell therapy for chronic disc pain

Chronic Pain - Wed, 03/15/2017 - 09:13

Relief for chronic back and neck pain may be on the horizon. Bioengineering researchers at the University of Utah have discovered a technique to control chronic pain by regulating genes that reduce tissue- and cell-damaging inflammation.

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Specialized compound could lead to chronic pain relief without the use of opioids

Chronic Pain - Tue, 03/14/2017 - 16:36

Purdue researchers have discovered a compound that could lead to the treatment of chronic pain without the need for patients to rely on opioids. A team led by Val Watts, associate head and professor of medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology in Purdue's College of Pharmacy, said the compound shows unparalleled selectivity in inhibiting the adenylyl cyclase 1 .

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People's Pharmacy: Splitting pills can produce wrong dosages

Chronic Pain - Mon, 03/13/2017 - 16:53

I am a retired emergency-room physician. I have fought a battle for 20 years to stop pill-splitting.

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Support Groups for March 13

Chronic Pain - Mon, 03/13/2017 - 01:54

All are welcome. Meeting will feature a guest speaker. Childcare provided. a The Man-to-Man prostate cancer support group will meet from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. the second Thursday of each month at City Hospital's Dorothy McCormack Center in Martinsburg, in the second floor conference room.

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A Spiky Mammal from the Heyday of the Dinosaurs

Pain - Scientific American - Sun, 03/12/2017 - 14:00
This little beast speaks to mammalian success under the feet of the saurians

--
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Green LED Could Provide Safe, Inexpensive Way to Treat Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain - Thu, 03/09/2017 - 17:51

Optical Metrology Techniques Harness Structured Light Beams As a result of technological advances in recent years, researchers have at their disposal devices capable of tailoring - with almost unlimited freedom - the shape of beams of light.... High-Resolution IR Interferometer The M-Wave 339 is a state-of-the-art infrared interferometer, operating at 3.39 micrometers. Its... Turning FLIR Optics To The Next Level With the latest generation of Nanotech's 450UPLv2 , Lambda can support all your FLIR... The Long Wave Infrared Camera Market Heats Up Long Wavelength Infrared cameras are the most commonly used IR cameras.

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Marijuana could help injured workers with chronic pain

Chronic Pain - Wed, 03/08/2017 - 11:00

Marijuana may have benefits over addictive opioids as a pain treatment for injured workers, but federal drug laws and a lack of guidelines for marijuana prescribing could hinder its use in workers compensation. A recent report from The National Academics of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine looked into marijuana as a medical treatment option, said Dr. Dean Hashimoto, chairman of the Massachusetts Health Care Services Board.

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Ontarians using prescription high-dose fentanyl patches forced to seek alternatives

Chronic Pain - Sat, 03/04/2017 - 20:17

Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins announced last July the province's public drug plans would no longer pay for high doses of fentanyl starting in January 2017. At 54, Michael is not an addict, nor does he sell the drug.

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A good book may help ease chronic pain

Chronic Pain - Sat, 03/04/2017 - 05:34

London: Reading a book may not only be captivating but may also help people suffering with chronic pain, a study shows. Chronic pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage.

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The Weird Way Acupuncture Helps Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chronic Pain - Fri, 03/03/2017 - 23:13

There's new hope for people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, a feeling of numbness, tingling or pain in the hand because of a squeezed nerve at the wrist. It comes in the form of a non-invasive and drug-free method of pain relief: acupuncture, according to a new , an ancient technique of traditional Chinese medicine, has long been used to treat chronic pain, and studies have suggested that it relieves symptoms at least slightly better than a placebo.

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Hard-To-Treat Chronic Pain: 4 Health Problems That Light Therapy Can Potentially Help

Chronic Pain - Fri, 03/03/2017 - 19:02

Rats in a new study out of Arizona State University were given the green light, or rather, they got a dose from green LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, in research that tested whether the light treatment could alleviate chronic pain. Results showed the rodents were able to withstand more heat and touch after the treatment, though researchers don't know if people would similarly benefit.

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