Medical Ethics

Human Personhood Begins at Conception

When is a baby a person?

The Scriptures on Abortion

What do the Scriptures have to say about abortion?

Am I a Murderer?

An obstetrician discusses abortion.

The Physician, The Pastor, Psychotherapy, and Counseling

A thorough discussion of the role of physicians and pastors in psychotherapy and counseling from a Biblical perspective.

Average Life Expectancy, "What Is Truth?"

A discussion of life expectancy, physical health and abortion.

How Would God Have Us Practice Preventive Medicine?

A discussion of preventive medicine from a Biblical perspective.

End of Life Issues: Dying, Death and Euthanasia

Evangelicals are familiar with Christ’s promise "that (we) might have life, and have it abundantly" (John 10:10b). We associate that promise with the peace, hope, and joy that comes from our reconciliation to God and our obedience to His commandments. Perhaps we are not as familiar with the concept in the first part of that same verse. "The thief comes to steal and destroy," the opposite to Jesus’ work. The false messiah causes discord, despair, and emptiness. Both the positive and the negative sides of this verse are usually associated with spiritual consequences for the believer or the unbeliever. This verse and others, have a clear application to the health of the physical body.

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