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Aging (Part 2)

A thorough discussion of the aging process.

Sex Education and The Biblical Christian

What should the role of sex education be for the Biblical Christian?

Teenage Promiscuity

What are the contributing factors? What should the role of the parent be?

Relationships Hope & Help

The following booklets are very instructive and helpful:

      Biblical Counseling

      Communication and Conflict Resolution

      From Pride to Humility

      Husbands and Fathers


      Psychologized Man A Biblical Perspective

Parenting and God's Law

Historically and Biblically, the family is the central institution in law and in society. Although we do not think of the family normally as a lawmaking body, the family is nonetheless the basic lawmaking body in all history. Every point of power and authority is also a point of law, and, historically, family law has been the basic law of mankind. In any society or institution, there are basic rules of conduct, and these rules of conduct constitute its law structure.

Moving from Pride to Humility

From Pride to Humility
Pride is a form of self-worship and is often at the root of dysfunctional behavior as well as addiction. These pages describe the various manifestations of pride and how to learn true humility.

Biblical Counseling

Biblical counselors have been trained to utilize the Bible in a counseling context by applying practical and hopeful biblical principles to real life situations and problems. Christians who find they are struggling with various problems need an understanding of the awesome resources available in biblical solutions that offer real hope and practical help.

A Bible Preference for Homeshooling?

History shows that nearly every nation has ultimately caved in to a very counter-intuitive (satanic?) temptation: That the only sensible way for 4 and 5-year-old children to begin their life-education journey is that they be ripped away from the care of Mom and Dad at home and turned over to "professional specialists" in state-controlled classrooms. Over time, a second fallacy took shape: That the teaching of academics is a more important, more difficult undertaking than training youth in God's spiritual basics. This latter task, apparently, is something "easily done at home on a 'whenever' basis." Regrettably, these two personal and culture-crippling myths now prevail in spite of centuries of evidence to the contrary.

Understanding Verbal Abuse and Anger

Understanding Verbal Abuse and Anger

Overcoming Codependency

Learn how to overcome codependency.

Overcoming Violence in the Home

Learn how to overcome violence in the home.

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