Finding Inspiration for Eating Disorder Recovery

Do you sometimes feel you need some inspiration for your eating disorder recovery? Maybe your resolve sometimes feels weak and you just need a little something extra to keep going. Eating disorder recovery can be a long and difficult process, so it only makes sense to find any inspiration you can help you to move forward.

Allow God's Word to be an inspiration to you. Search the Bible for passages that offer comfort, healing, strength and whatever else you are seeking to inspire you in your recovery. You can also make finding inspiration a matter of prayer. You might be surprised at how God answers your prayers. He may speak to you directly or He may speak to you through His Word or even through the words of someone else. He may touch you through a song, poem, article, book or even a simple quote.

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Copyright by Laurie Glass.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Laurie Glass is the author of Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders.
She is a recovered anorexic who holds a Master of Ministry degree
in Christian Counseling. She mentors those with eating disorders
and writes about Christian eating disorder recovery. See Laurie's
website Freedom from Eating Disorders

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