Adult Children

Are You Tending Your Garden?

Recovery is much like tending our own garden. A garden needs water, fertilizer, sunshine, good soil and a lot of attention by the gardener. We, as Christians and recovering people need:

  • the water of prayer, meditation, and communing with God
  • the fertilizer of fellowship
  • the "Sonshine" of resting in Him (letting go and letting God)
  • the rich soil of God's Word in which to firmly anchor our roots. Not only must we read the Word but we must *understand* it and *actively apply* it to our own lives. Roots must be anchored in the soil, they must take up the nourishment and then send it to the entire system of the plant so it may flourish.
  • a lot of attention by us, as our own gardeners, to remove all weeds that appear.

Healing and Moving Beyond Your Past

Book Description
Learn how to heal your past using Biblical principles.

Affirmations for Adult Children of Alcoholics

  • I can be sure about what I need.
  • I can think for myself.
  • I don't have to take care of people by thinking for them.
  • I can let people know when I feel angry.
  • I'm glad I am growing and leaning to change.

12 Steps of Adult Children of Alcoholics

1. In working the first step, when we "admitted we were powerless over the circumstances of our childhood--that our lives had become unmanageable," we had at last found the courage to face the truth and tell it--we were practicing the principle of HONESTY.

2. In working the second step when we "came to trust that God, a Power greater than ourselves, would nurture, love and restore us to sanity," we were practicing the principle of HOPE.

3. In working the third step when we "made a decision to begin a process of recovery and change, trusting in God as revealed in the Bible, to care for us and guide us in our journey," we were practicing the principle of FAITH.

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