Hope and Help Booklets

HOPE and practical HELP for you. Hope in the Bible is not wishful thinking. It is a sure promise of what will be. In some instances, the hope is sure because God is going to sovereignly bring it to pass. In other cases, it is God's promise that He will respond to our obedience. All booklets are 8.5 X 5.5 inches and cost $5 each. Click on the links below to order each booklet.
Anger, Anxiety & Fear
Conflict Resolution
From Pride to Humility
Gambling Addiction
Self Injurers and Cutters
Video Game, TV and Internet Addiction
Sexual Temptation & Addiction
Life Dominating Sins
Biblical Counseling
Become a Better Husband and Father
Marriage Problems
Psychologized Man: A Biblical Perspective

  • Communication and Conflict Resolution Communication and resolving conflicts in a God-honoring way involves having a heart that is humble and wants to please God, some good learning skills, and a willingness to die to self. Within these pages you will find biblical ways to resolve conflict and communicate effectively. Authored by Stuart Scott.
  • Anger, Anxiety & Fear As the trials of living in an uncertain world increase, the sins of anger, anxiety and fear come up more frequently in our daily lives. Our responsibility as Christians is to depend on God to help us deal with these challenges.
  • From Pride to Humility Pride is a form of self-worship and is often at the root of dysfunctional behavior as well as addiction. These pages describe the various manifestations of pride and how to learn true humility. Authored by Stuart Scott.
  • Hope and Help - Gambling You will learn about the heart issues that produce a desire to gamble. You will gain Hope and practical Help from the biblical approach to dealing with the heart issues of gambling. Authored by Mark Shaw
  • Hope and Help - Homosexuals Demonstrates that homosexuality is not genetic in origin. Rather, it is a learned behavior. Changing this behavior is possible, thereby completing the circle of hope for both the individual and family. Authored by Howard Eyrich.
  • Hope and Help - Self-injurers and Cutters "Cutting" is a complex, dangerous, and addictive-like behavior. This will give you insight for dealing with this problem from a Biblical perspective. Authored by Mark Shaw.
  • Life Dominating Sins This booklet helps you to identify and overcome the sins that are dominating your life. Move from victim to victor!
  • Sexual Temptation and Addiction Our hearts betray us in those moments when we give into the temptation to please ourselves despite the consequences. This booklet explains why sexual temptation is so strong and how we can conquer it through the power of the Holy Spirit. Includes practical things to do to fight the enemy of our souls.
  • Hope and Help - Biblical Counseling Biblical counselors have been trained to utilize the Bible in a counseling context by applying practical and hopeful biblical principles to real life situations and problems. Christians who find they are struggling with various problems need an understanding of the awesome resources available in biblical solutions that offer real hope and practical help. Authored by Mark Shaw.
  • Husbands and Fathers Helps men define discipleship with their families. Learn how to be a godly father and head of your household. Authored by Mark Shaw.
  • Hope and Help - Marriage Gives hope by demonstrating that all marriage problems are common, and can be overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit. Authored by Mark Shaw.
  • Hope and Help - Suffering This will provide you with an understanding of your suffering and give you tools to help process your suffering through fundamentals from Scripture. Authored by Howard Eyrich
  • Psychologized Man: A Biblical Perspective Modern psychology and world view portray man as the center of the universe. Being taught this, many embrace a low view of God, and consequently a casual view of sin and Scripture. The evolution of psychology and how it focuses on men and women rather than God is detailed in this book. Authored by Martha Peace
  • Video Game, TV and Internet Addiction This booklet gives insight into the problems of excessive TV, video gaming, and Internet activity from a Biblical perspective and offers a practical plan of action to overcome the temptation to live life in a cyber world.

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