Daily Truths Journal

This is a template to help you with your daily journaling to keep you accountable to yourself, God and others.

Daily Recovery Checklist

This checklist will help you take a daily inventory and keep you on track.

Codependent Relapse Checklist

Early Warning Signs

    Situational loss of daily structure.
    Lack of personal care
    Inability to effectively set and maintain limits
    Loss of constructive planning
    Compulsive behavior
    fatigue or lack of rest

Changes I Want to Make - Worksheet

This worksheet will help you to clearly see the changes you want to make in your life and to make the necessary plans realize your goals.

My Benefits and Responsibilites of Being in Recovery - Worksheet

Use this worksheet to list the benefits you are receiving or plan to receive as a result of being in recovery. Use it to list your responsibilities of being in Recovery.

Am I An Alcoholic? (Self-test #1)

A self-test questionnaire to aid in the evaluation of patterns of Alcohol consumption. This instrument is an adaptation of the MAST test. No claims as to the validity of the results and the results should be considered only as an "indicator" as to the presence or absence of Alcoholism.

Achieve Your Goals Worksheet

This worksheet will assist you in recognizing,setting and achieving your goals.

12 Step Questions

This is a list of questions for working the 12 Step program for recovery from addictive behavior. You are invited to pick those questions that seem most relevant to your recovery and answer them to the best of your ability.

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